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During stressful times skin care is one of my areas of self-care that I focus on; it’s what nourishes and calms me, and I hope that it can serve the same purpose for you.  Many have reached out with concerns about, “seeing the stress” on their faces, or that they’re seemingly, “aging before their eyes”.  For those feeling these stressors, take a deep breath and know we’re here to support you.  

As the new season is upon us, it’s a season of re-birth and a great time to look at skin care regimes. We’ve been consulting with clients regarding how to shift into a customized Springtime routine that’s right for their specific needs, whether Winter has left their skin feeling dry, sensitive, dull, itchy, irritated, or just lacking the “glow” we’re all seeking.  If we haven’t heard from you, we’d love to!  It’s a great opportunity to re-connect and discuss what products you’re currently using, what is working well for you, and what your skincare goals are.  We can also help to evaluate your skin’s current condition and make meaningful recommendations.  Keep in mind, sometimes it’s not about changing products up as much as it is changing your process; we’re here to educate!

Curious about scheduling a consultation, but not sure what to expect?  There are a handful of key items that we typically review:

Proper Cleansing:  It is my opinion that 50% of your skincare success is in the cleansing process. If skin is not properly cleansed, impurities are left behind, and the skin is unable to accept products as well.  This is a particular concern if you are exercising and not cleansing your skin well afterwards. We will discuss your daily skincare habits and provide expert tips for improvement.

Utilizing Toner: One of the most misunderstood skincare products, toners have not only come a long way. but they are instrumental in providing hydration and nourishment, such as vitamins and peptides.  Some toners can be exfoliating and very brightening. Our skin’s ph is naturally acidic and is easily thrown out of balance with water, environmental pollution, cleansers, detergents etc. Using a toner after cleansing helps to balance the skin’s PH and enables better penetration of serums and other products that you may be using as part of your skincare routine. It’s important to select the correct toner for your specific skin needs, and our team can help identify that for you!

Serums: All skin types need hydration! Even oily skin needs hydration. For skin to be healthy and heal quickly, we need hydration. Hydration is from water-based serums and drinking water:) Serums are the change maker for the skin; they are the magic! Serums are applied after a toner to address specific skin concerns. They are a small molecule or single molecule, so they are absorbed rapidly and penetrate the skin’s surface to effect change in the skin’s health. These highly potent drops of gold contain ingredients such as peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants to evoke optimal skin health and protection. Some are created to address specific skin issues: For example elasticity, lifting and repairing.  In my regular routine, I use a multiple serum, to target my personal skincare goals, I start with my single molecule water based serum, then layer with heavier serums. For me, firming and pigmentation are my #1 concerns. 


Applying Moisturizers: These improve the lipids in the epidermis (the top layer of the skin); this creates a stronger barrier to protect against harmful external factors. The right moisturizer should comfort and soothe your skin and relieve the appearance of dry skin. Depending on the time of year, moisture levels in the air change so you may need to adjust your moisturizer from time to time. 

Selecting Eye Creams or Gels: The skin around our eyes is the thinnest on our bodies, yet the eye muscles are the most active in our bodies.  It makes sense that eyes are the first area to show aging.  We can prevent this by selecting appropriate gels and creams to hydrate and reduce fine lines.  Application is key - to avoid irritation of this highly sensitive skin, apply products around your eye socket, focusing on application around the bone. I always look for peptides in my eye products so I get an immediate softened look of my wrinkles. 

SPF: I am going to do a separate blog post for just SPF. I prefer mineral based physical formulations myself☺

Applying Masks: I recommend masking 2-3 times each week.  They provide various benefits; for example, the Revival Mask from Environ. This mask will firm skin and helps with pigmentation. When my skin needs extra hydration, I apply the Masque Visolastine mask from Biologique Recherche which also instantly soothes.  If you are looking to decongest the skin, use the following mask mixture: 1/2 part Mask VIP 02 and 1/2 part Vivant Mask from Biologique Recherche. This mixture will leave your skin glowing!

For a personal mask prescription specific to your skincare needs, please reach out to us for guidance; we can create a rockstar plan for you!

As estheticians, we’re missing the personal connection with all of you, but that doesn’t mean we need to be disconnected.  Consultations are a great way to stay in touch while proactively addressing any skincare needs you may have.  Thanks for checking in periodically; we’re committed to doing the same!  We truly love what we do, and we can't wait to be working with you in person soon!  In the meantime, be careful, stay safe, be well, and know your continued support & loyalty mean everything to us!

As a reminder, emails and phone messages continue to be checked daily, and products remain available online.

Warmest Regards,

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