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Limit sugar
We get it. It’s hard to do, especially during the holidays but reducing the amount you ingest WILL help both skin and gut health. Research has shown that consuming too much sugar spikes insulin, as well as oil production, and it elevates androgens. Androgens are hormones that – in excess – can cause acne and hair growth on the chin/lip areas. Sugar also causes glycation in our skin which is the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers. The first signs of glycation are noticeable around the eye and mouth areas. To prevent this, I recommend adding the serum A-Glyca into your at-home routine. This innovative serum stops and rewinds the glycation process, its curative effects visibly soothing signs of aging and fatigue.

Serum A-Glyca

Wash your face

No matter what time your night ends, take off your make-up before going to bed. I always tell my clients that going to bed without completing your nighttime routine can set your skin back weeks! On top of that, wearing makeup to bed means a breakout is almost guaranteed. So, plan ahead: before you head out to that holiday party, line up your products next to your toothbrush so it's that much easier to accomplish late at night. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer. It's especially vital to care for our skin during the winter months, as the dry air robs it of moisture. So, do all the steps.

Book some time for self-care

What better time to schedule a facial than the holidays? It’s a stressful time of year already, so carve out a little time for yourself. This is also the beginning of the winter season, and a great time to review your current home routine with your esthetician. If you can’t make it in before the holidays, consider booking in the new year. We book up fast in January because of gift certificates, so plan ahead!

Mask up

Consider adding a skincare mask into your routine 2-3x per week. Masks can help your skin with a multitude of concerns and will add a little extra glow to your face for the holidays. My favorite mask for events is Biologique Recherche Masque Biofixine. This incredible product tightens, plumps, and softens fine lines and wrinkles. My other favorite way to apply this mask is by mixing it with BR’s Vernix and/or Visolastine.

Keep it light

Try to limit your alcohol consumption. Not only is it high in sugar, but alcohol greatly dehydrates our bodies because of the way it is metabolized. Alcohol's effects on the skin are noticeable: eyes get puffy, wrinkles and pores become more visible and skin loses its plumpness and glow. When we limit inflammatory food and drink, we see the skin heal much faster. If I am going to drink, I’ll take a shot of apple cider vinegar before I go to bed and a ton of water! This helps my body metabolize alcohol faster and also prevents dehydration.

Don't pick

To avoid picking the skin, take some deep breaths and keep your hands off. Not only can you damage the delicate skin on your face by performing “at-home surgeries,” (which can cause micro-tears and post inflammatory pigmentation) but it will take your skin longer to recover, and for it to be party ready. I recommend cleaning the skin thoroughly (but not over-stripping it), icing problem areas, and using a spot treatment. I love Environ’s Sebu-Spot treatment; it works like magic overnight!

Sebu-Spot Blemish Gel

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