Lashes & Tinting

Limp eyelashes that can only be helped with mascara? Put your wand away and let Beauty Mark simplify your morning routine by tinting and lifting your lashes. 

TINTING   Lash / $36   |   Brow / $24

Enhance the appearance of lashes and brows using a safe vegetable dye. A natural way to accent your eyes and features. 

​LASH LIFT & TINT / $150 

Our Lash Lift gently curls the lashes allowing the eye to appear more open and for the lashes to look longer.  Combined with tint, this service allows for low to no maintenance lashes with a “wow" factor. This extraordinary treatment curls the lashes upward creating the appearance of longer lashes and more open eye. In addition to the service a lash tint is included. With proper care and the daily use of a lash strengthener, a lash list can last anywhere between six and eight weeks.

New Yumi Lash Lift / $150

This Keratin Lash Lift is a ground-breaking technique formulated and manufactured in France. Yumi offers a safer, more natural looking alternative to eye lash extensions. Combined with tint, this service allows for low to no maintenance lashes with a “wow" factor. During the service your natural lashes are lifted back and the formulation restructures the lash. Giving you the look of longer lashes and a more wide eyed appearance-  results that last from 8-12 weeks best when combined with lash serum

New Yumi Brow Lamination / $80

This brow treatment is a real game changer! Lamination allows us to fix unruly hairs and will allow you to have a more uniform full eyebrow shape. This is the solution to add symmetry where eyebrows do not have a uniform shape or brow hair does not follow the same growth pattern. This treatment includes a brow tint and the results last over 6 weeks-best when combined with brow serum.

Hair Removal


Waxing offers temporary removal of unwanted hair and softens regrowth. Our estheticians use the latest techniques and the highest quality products to keep you comfortable and at ease. We have years of waxing experience and will wax any area, just ask.


•  Eyebrow Maintenance / $28

•  Eyebrow Shape / $34

•  Lip, Chin or Neck / $14

•  Brow, Lip & Chin / $39 

•  Brow & Chin / $34

•  Brow & Lip / $34

•  Ear or Nose / $5

•  Sides of Face / $22


•  Abdomen / $15

•  Back / $50

•  Chest / $45

•  Under Arm / $22

•  Half Arm / $15

•  Full Arm / $27

•  Half Leg / $35

•  Full Leg / $75

•  Bikini / $35

•  French Cut / $40

•  Brazilian / $70

•  Full Leg with Bikini / $95

•  Full Leg with Brazilian / $110

*For your safety, clients who have tanned within 48 hours or who are using Retin-A or any other medications that may sensitize the skin may not be waxed.​

**Body waxing pricing is based on coverage.