Licensed Master Esthetician | NECA Certified | Pastiche Trained in Advanced Skin Analysis | Makeup Artist | Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Jenn Boshes has been in the beauty industry since the age of 16 when she started behind a makeup counter in her native state of New Hampshire. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in marketing and advertising, Jenn moved to Manhattan to pursue her dream of becoming a retail buyer. Like many people — once the dream was fulfilled — she realized that she missed the connection she felt in helping people to feel good about themselves. So, she made the leap and moved to Boston the year after 9/11, where she revamped her career by becoming an esthetician. 

Early in Jenn’s career, she felt a deep calling to gain as much knowledge of skin health as she could. She would continually take class after class to not only have a better understanding of skin science but to impart her knowledge on her clients and estheticians. As a result, Jenn incorporates into her practice her proficient knowledge of skin science and nutrition, a deep love of skincare, and a strong desire to help others feel their very best. 

Jenn is trained in cosmetic chemistry and the “Pastiche Method®” of skin analysis under Florence Barrett-Hill, an internationally respected aesthetic technical educator, practitioner, researcher, and author with extensive experience in all aspects of professional aesthetic therapy and paramedical skincare. Jenn is also a health coach, earning her certificate at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Beauty Mark is a family business. Jenn and her husband Orion have worked diligently together to create a company that provides inspiration to their team, their clients, and their children. Jenn highly recommends to everyone that she meets: find that spark — find what you love to do — and take the leap to get there.