November 13, 2019

Finally Fall has arrived, or maybe perhaps Winter…. 

How does this rapid change into a new season affect your skin? Well….when the temperature drops and humidity in the air becomes non-existent, we have an increase in what is called trans-epidermal water loss, (TEWL). Many factors can affect the amount of water that passively evaporates through the skin. This can cause problems with your skin’s ability to regulate its barrier function. The upper-most top layer of skin is made of keratinocytes and ceramides. Keeping the keratinocyte healthy will increase your barrier function and reduce TEWL as the epidermis will become denser.  As a result, the skin is happy, plump, and glowing.  

Here are my tips to transition into the cooler months and prevent TEWL: 

♥INCREASE EFA’s: If you have had a facial with me, you have heard my rant about how important this is, both internally and topically. My favorite topical EFA is kiwi seed; internally, I love krill oil. ***Make sure to consult your dr. before taking supplements.    

♥BREAK OUT THE HUMIDIFIER!  We just started carrying The Vitruvi diffusers at Beauty Mark. These diffusers use ultrasonic vibration, not heat, to create a fine, cool mist from water, mixed with a few drops of essential oil. Their essential oil blends are amazing; we carry three of them. The diffuser’s porcelain cover, which comes in French grey and white, is elegant and modern. 

♥APPLY MORE TOPICAL HYDRATION! Yes, of course it is important to drink water, but you need to add more hydration topically with your serum and moisturizer.  Perhaps switch your cleanser to a milky one that mimics your skin’s own protective properties. 

♥REVIEW YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE WITH YOUR ESTHETICIAN!  Your dynamic skin care routine needs to be tweaked each season. Of course, environment is going to affect your skin’s health, but stress, diet, travel, and hormones can all change and wreak havoc with your skin. Why waste money??? Ask the licensed experts. 

 ♥ADD LED TO YOUR FACIAL! Our LED treatments ensure that hydrating serums and moisturizing masks penetrate deep into the dermis to help increase hydration levels.

♥EXERCISE! Daily exercise increases blood flow and helps move the lymphatic system. If you plan to exercise outside, this is a great time to add protection from wind and cold such as Serum T.E.W.L from BR. Always remember to wash your skin right after working out or sweating. Sweat and bacteria can mix together to cause breakouts and redness/irritation in the skin.

♥ ADD A MASK TO YOUR ROUTINE! Take some time for yourself; you deserve it! A beneficial, weekly ritual not to be missed, masking is a fabulous tool between facials and a beautiful tool for targeting specific skin conditions. If the cold weather gets you down, taking time for a facial mask can lift the spirit!