September 02, 2020

Is wearing a face mask reaping havoc on your skin? Don’t worry; Beauty Mark has you covered!  
Let’s talk "maskne"; face masks are now a part of our everyday life, and unfortunately, some of us are experiencing unhappy skin as a result. Constant friction, tight masks, moisture, and oil can cause inflammation, rashes, and breakouts. We have been working on some simple tips for you to follow to help keep your skin healthy and clear. Everyone’s skin is unique, and often skin issues are a result of a combination of multiple circumstances. Individual consults are a great way to address your specific concerns.

  1. First and foremost, when you are at home and don’t have to wear a mask, try to let your skin breathe. Clean your skin thoroughly in the morning, and follow with your recommended skincare regime.
  2. Avoid applying makeup to the areas that the mask covers. If you do wear makeup under your mask, consider switching your foundation to a lighter formula so that the skin can breathe under the mask. Teint de Serum from Biologique Recherche is ideal because it is built to protect against environmental stresses, and it gives the skin a beautiful glow. This unique tint hydrates, brightens, and evens the skin tone.
  3. Clean your skin immediately when you are done wearing the mask for the day; maybe start your nighttime routine a little earlier. I would highly recommend changing your mask daily. In my option, the cotton masks are the least harsh on the skin. The fabric is not as rough as a disposable mask is on your face; it’s breathable and can be washed daily. 
  4. Change your mask mid-day if you can, so bacteria that has been growing doesn’t irritate the skin. Make toner pads, just like I recommend post-workout, to freshen the skin throughout the day. Saturate cotton rounds with a gentle non-stripping toner, and put them in a zipped lock plastic baggie. Remember, when sweat dries on the skin it causes inflammation, irritation, break out, and redness. 
  5. Avoid picking the skin; stay calm, take deep breaths, and keep your hands off. You can damage the delicate skin on your face by performing, “at- home surgeries” which can cause micro-tears and post inflammatory pigmentation. I recommend cleaning the skin thoroughly (but not over stripping it), icing it, and using a spot treatment overnight. I love Environ’s Sebuspot treatment; it works like magic overnight!
  6. Cool down the skin with Biologique Recherche’s Cyro Sticks! If you have experienced a treatment here at Beauty Mark, you have most likely been sculpted, lifted, and soothed with these cool tools. The Biologique Recherche Cryo-Sticks reduce puffiness & soothe the skin, as well as relieve irritation. You can even use them on different parts of your body to achieve comfort & lift! These wonder sticks are ergonomically-designed and crafted from surgical stainless steel; they are supercooling and tightening tools, molding with ease to the contours of your face, while regulating the dermal blood circulation. ⁣ Use them time & time again for soothed & toned skin.